Pest Bird Control

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All Aspects of Pest Control

Including Humane Bird Control With Birds Of Prey


My name is Gareth Hughes, I have had a fascination with Birds of Prey since childhood, in 2008 I turned my hobby in to a new full time career. Iam very proud of my family run Falconry business which specialises in Weddings, school education talks and pest control with Hawks and Falcons.

We aim to help control pest Birds by flying Birds of Prey on a regular basis, which tricks the pest Birds in to thinking there is a raptor in residence, deterring the Birds from roosting, nesting and hanging around making a mess!!  We also cover other aspects of leathal pest control such as clearing Pigeons from inside warehouses using Air rifles or trapping and removal.

Birds of Prey are my life & love!



“Knowledge, Understanding and Display of Birds of Prey.”

Gareth Hughes